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Pro III / II V2 Awning Wall Set


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Enclose the awning space of your Pro III V2 or Pro II V2 tent with an Awning Wall Set. Both a fully-waterproof poly wall and bug-proof mesh wall are included. A 2-panel design lets you adapt to the conditions with both a fully-waterproof poly wall or bug-proof mesh wall included. You can also use both walls together when you set up the waterproof wall as a Gullwing awning (poles included). Tinted panorama PVC windows on the poly wall let light in while sealing the elements out.

Its key features



Enjoy the flexibility of having 4 different layout options with a 2 piece wall design including both a full poly & mesh wall.

Tinted panorama windows

Full surrounding tinted PVC windows provide unrestricted views from within the tent while maintaining privacy and weather protection.

Rain skirt

Fabric panels attached to the bottom of the awning sides keep wind driven rain from entering the awning area.

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More features

  • Fire retardant treatment Treatments that help prevent or slow the spread of a flame across the fabric. Do not use open flames or stoves inside or near the tent.
  • Torrential rain tested Our tents are used all across the world, including the wet and windy environments of New Zealand and the UK. So we design and test them to survive heavy rainfall.
  • UV treatment UV light can be highly destructive to tent and shelter fabrics, so all fabrics include a UV treatment to help extend their life. Add a ZEMPIRE® roof cover for additional protection.
  • Awning poles included Extra poles included that allow you to set up your awning door as an additional sun shade.
  • Detachable A removable awning with inflatable frame allows you the freedom to leave it at home or pack separately from the main tent body to save weight and pack size.
  • Fully enclosed awning A comfortable living space completely protected from insects and the weather.
  • Gullwing awning Creates a large shaded area when poled out and a protected panoramic awning with doors on each side when closed.
  • Adjustable peg loops Corner peg points are adjustable to fine tune tension across the groundsheet, while steel rings minimise abrasion across the webbing.
  • Elastic pegging loops Elastic peg loops flex in the wind, reducing stress on the rain fly.
  • Webbing peg points Strong and durable webbing creates a secure anchor point for the life of the tent.
  • 3.5mm polyester cord Strong and lightweight 3.5mm cord provides sturdy anchoring for your tent with minimal bulk and stretch.
  • Aluminium tri sliders Simple and attractive solution for adjusting guy ropes.
  • Low stretch A durable polyester core provides minimal stretch for a taught pitch and sturdy anchoring in windy weather.
  • Reflective guy ropes Reflective strips woven into the anchor webbing and guy ropes to ensure safety when approaching your tent in the dark.
  • Safety bright glow Highly visible colour makes the guy ropes easier to see, preventing trips and snags.
  • Anti grit reversed The flat side of the zip is turned outward to prevent salt, sand and other contaminants from accumulating in the zipper teeth.
  • Twin resin zippers Resin is both highly durable and flexible making it s reliable choice for zippers used in outdoor products.
  • Two way zipper heads Two way zipper heads give you the flexibility to open the zip from either end.
  • 2 piece wall design Windows options include a solid inner window cover for privacy, full tinted PVC panel to let light in during wet weather, and a fibre coated mesh outer for maximum airflow.
  • Dual wall connectors Side release buckles allow you to set up the solid wall as a gullwing with the mesh wall attached.
  • Dual zipper entry The double zip and door toggles offer flexible entry/exit configurations and allow you to dial in ventilation as needed.
  • Lower storm skirt Tucks neatly under the sunroom floor to create a weathertight seal.
  • Polyester mesh with 210D poly oxford surrounds Polyester mesh with 210D poly oxford surrounds
  • Tinted panorama windows Full surrounding tinted PVC windows provide unrestricted views from within the tent while maintaining privacy and weather protection.
  • Zip on wall attachment Zip on walls for stronger and easier connection.
  • Draw string stuff sack Carry bag is closed securely using a draw strong and toggle.
  • Durable poly oxford material A hard-wearing outer surface built to handle back of the car 'Tetris' packing.


4 Year PRO SERIES GUARANTEE We take pride in the quality and design of every ZEMPIRE tent, that's why our PRO SERIES tents come with a strong guarantee designed to protect you as our valued customer. ZEMPIRE will repair or replace this tent, should it fail due to faulty materials or manufacture for a period of 4 years from the date you purchase. (For a full explanation of what is covered under this warranty please refer to our Warranty Page)

Dimensions and specifications

  • 210D, 130T poly oxford with 420D ripstop grid
  • 8,000mm
  • UPF 100
  • 5.44kg / 12.0lbs
  • 6.7 x 6.7 x 28.3in / 17 x 17 x 72cm
  • 150D poly oxford
PEGS - DOME PEGS (6mm x 180mm)
  • 5
  • Awning Pole Set Pro
  • Pro III / II V2